Happy Birthday Quotes For Sister

31. “Sister, I hope you always stay blessed, for you have blessed the lives of so many people in this world. I wish you love, adventure, and kindness. Happy birthday.” 32. “They always say that you’re the luckiest person in the world if you have a sister. I agree. Sisters make life sweeter and are your best friend for life. Happy birthday.” 33. “Sister, you have always been like a second mother to me. I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true on your special day. Happy birthday.” birthday message for mom 34. “Sis, I’m sending you smiles for every moment of this day. Have an amazing time and a very special happy birthday.” 35. “Happy birthday to one of the only a few people whose birthday I can still remember without Facebook’s help.” 36. “Happy birthday you gorgeously wonderful and beautiful sister.” 37. “Happy birthday sister! Please don’t hate me because I’m younger.” 38. “Happy birthday to my little sister! Look at that – you’re hardly annoying at all anymore.”

Happy Birthday My Cousin

31. “Today is another opportunity for us to celebrate your birthday, cousin. From all of us to you, happy birthday, and may your heart stay true.” 32. “Cousin, you’re a shining light in our lives. You inspire and motivate. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!” 33. “As we grow old, we forget the days of our youth. But I hope you never forget the fun times we shared. Happy birthday, cousin!” 34. “Dear cousin, I hope your special day is filled with smiles and sunshine. Happy birthday!” happy birthday dad messages 35. “Cousin, I hope you have a fun-filled birthday with many more in the future. Happy birthday.” 36. “Dear cousin, you may be getting older, but remember: each year is a blessing and an opportunity to start a new chapter. Happy birthday!” 37. “Happy birthday, cousin! I hope you have a great day and know that I truly do love you from the bottom of my heart.” 38. “There is nothing greater than being blessed with such a wonderful cousin. Happy birthday!” 39. “C